Alpha42_net is a Canadien website that has been distributing press releases in the fields of Video Games, Cinema, Technology and others since 2011.

In partnership with several companies in different fields such as, Microsoft Canada, Sony Entertainment System, Nintendo Canada, Electronics Art, Activision, Ubisoft Canada and several other independent studios. We publish more than a hundred articles every week.

The site receives more than 10,000 visits per month. The team also operates a Facebook group, Gaming Spot Quebec, which has over 10,000 members. The community discusses video games, pc assembly and gaming parts. It is also a place where several YouTubers and Bloggers share their columns in the fields.

We have a Youtube, Twitch channel in addition to a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page to advertise our website. Several thousand people follow the activities of Alpha42_net daily.

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Xbox Series X – Unboxine 2020 – Collaboration Microsoft Canada

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 Entrevue avec Midam et Adam – Créateur de Game Over – SLM 2019 – Collaboration La Boite de Diffusion

 Cineplex Xbox Party – 2019 – Collaboration Cineplex Dix/30

 NHL 17 – Visite des studios de EA Montréal – Collaboration Microsoft Canada

 Nintendo – Pic Nic Estival – Collaboration Nintendo Canada

 Nintendo – Évènement autonme 2013 – Collaboration Nintendo Canada

 Entrevue PK Subban – Collaboration Electronic Art Canada

 Entrevue avec Mario Coculuzzi (VP en 2014 de Microsoft Canada) Lancement de La Xbox One à Montréal – Collaboration Microsoft Canada